Great Ocean Road Tours Melbourne

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Can Outback Billy also take our group to Sydney, Tasmania and Cairns?

Your guide, "Outback Billy" has taken more than 300 Great Ocean Road tours.  He has taken people from more than 70 countries down the Great Ocean Road.  He has driven more than 150,000km just on Great Ocean Road tours alone!  He says he "knows it like the back of his hand".  He has led more than 500 tours across 5 states and territories of Australia and has been tour guiding for 15 years.  He has previously lived down the Great Ocean Road.  He loves animals, nature and the Great Ocean Road.  He may be able to dig you out an echidna, or spot a (kanga)roo for you and he will find koalas.  He is a qualified zoologist, qualified English teacher, and a very experienced outdoor leader.  He is also a story teller.  He will bring the road, the nature and your group to life for a wonderful tour in a very special place.  Don't just visit the Great Ocen Road but explore it, swim it, taste it and share a journey with family or friends  that will stay with you for a life time.  It is all about you and a celebration of life!

Your Guide: Outback Billy (300+ tours)

    $128 per person  ($125+ $3 credit card fee, $125 cash)

The 12 Apostles and Great Ocean Road is one for the bucket list.  It is a magical, wonderful, special place and experience.  Don't you deserve the full experience!

If you have time we recommend 2 days or more for the Great Ocean Road!!!

 Why go to the Great Ocean Rd with Outback Billy?

Yes he can!  Outback Billy has taken groups all over Australia.  When he sets off for a camping trip with his family it is often a journey of 10,000km's.  Ask him for programs for the rest of Austalia and let him show your family, group or clan the best of Australia.  Outback Billy has taken more than 10,000 people on over 500 small group tours and is one of Australia most experienced and fair dinkum tour guides.  If you are a school group why not have him organise your whole program in Australia!

It is 550km and approximately 8 1/2 hours driving time in one day from Melbourne so be aware of that.  That is true no matter who you travel with.  We recommend 2 days if you have time but otherwise we will make it special in one day!

Now about the Great Ocean Road

English Study Tours

$120* per person! (*groups of 4 or more people booking together!)

1 day tours: Sat, Mon Wed;
2 day tours:  Sat-Sun or on demand (min  3 pax)
(extra tours subject to demand and guide availability)

 International Student study tour group specialists!

Outback Billy is Australia's most specialised and experienced tour guide of international students in Australia at the type of tours that he runs.  He has taken more than 200 Great Ocean Road tours just for international students!  He has taken more than 100 Phillip Island tours just for international students!

If you have a student group or English study tour then Outback Billy can organise all tours around Australia including Sydney, Blue Mountains, Tasmania, Gold Coast and Cairns.

 Eight reasons to choose us!

1. Three stops away from the other tour buses
2. Minimum of three stops of 45+ minutes (Some other guides give you one).
3.  25-35% more time off the bus exploring than some other guides (yes really)
4.  Outback Billy is your guide and yes it does make a big difference.
5.  You are happy with our one day tour or we will refund in full.  (see our happy or its free page).
6.  A chance to swim.
7.  No 1 Great Ocean Road Tour Company on Trip Advisor June-Aug 2014 
8.  We atttract like minded people who really want the most from their Great Ocean Road Tour Experience.

Outback Billy is an experienced English Teacher with a Master of TESOL and Master of Teaching from the number 2* ranked Graduate School of Education faculty in the world, Uni of Melbourne (*QS World Uni rankings 2014).  What better way to combine improving and practising English and growing Leadership and life skills while travelling Australia with one of its most experienced guides.   Study tours can be 1 to 10 weeks and are often truly life changing travelling with your teacher.  Do you want to learn English to use in a class room or English to use in the real world!